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On last March 20th and 21st, GALIA, PFA and AFNet hosted the JAMA Digital Engineering Sub Committee chairman and co-chairman with their translator. They are respectively Masahiro Iino from Nissan and Shuji Saga from Mitsubishi.

What has to be acknowledged from this very riche visit is:

  • A web conference is to be set within a month or so to build an action plan after exchanged information “compilation”.

  • A meeting is to be organized between JAMA Business System Sub Committee and GALIA to discuss on different Logistics and B2B topics. Next Odette conference may be an opportunity to meet.

  • 3 topics of interest for GALIA/VALdriv and JAMA:

    - Product Development Technical data exchange,
    - BOM data exchange,
    - SASIG LTAR deployment.

  • Coordination on standards under development at ISO between GALIA/AFNet and JAMA.

This meeting has allowed to start a partnership dynamics for the greater benefit of our industries. To be continued…


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