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ECM1_V1R0 - Management Presentation - SASIG

This document presents the motivation, vision, scope and expected benefits that SASIG Engineering Change Management work group anticipates from its works. It explains what interaction scenarios, defined messages and data model to be used to support ECM processes between customer and supplier using existing standards like PLM Services, STEP and XML.

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ECM2_V1R0 - ECM Recommendation Part 0 (ECM) - SASIG

This recommendation aims to provide support for ECM processes with respect to the communication of change data between customers and suppliers using standards such as ISO10303-214 (STEP AP214) and PLM Services from the OMG.

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ECM3_V1R0 - ECM Recommendation Part 1 (ECR) - SASIG

This chapter provides an overview of the fundamental principles and key phases of the ECR Reference Process. It describes the solution approaches upon which the ECR recommendation is based.

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ECM4_V1R0 - ECM Reference Process - SASIG

This document is an addendum which provides an explanation of the SASIG ECM Reference Process. Its purpose is to describe additional aspects which are not explicitly covered by the SASIG ECM Recommendation due to various reasons, but which seems to be necessary in order to get familiar with the ideas behind the SASIG ECM Recommendation.

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