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DEV1_V1R0 - Digital Engineering Visualization

This document identifies what Digital Engineering Visualization technology is, and how it can be utilized. From within the Automotive OEM & Supplier membership, key players have made a concentrated effort to identify the tools and technologies that can significantly enhance the industry’s ability to decrease its costs and time to market. The document also covers the who, when, where, and why of utilizing Digital Engineering Visualization tools.

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EN06_SASIG 3D Annotated Standard

Today’s technical drawings usually include a combination of a 3D model and a 2D drawing. Tomorrow’s technical drawings will incorporate only a complete annotated model containing all of the information necessary to manufacture a part. This document follows closely and intends to complement the enhance the content of the ISO 16792 standard “Digital Product Definition Data Services” by addressing all the types of information required in a technical drawing within a 3D model. This recommendation defines how to document all the information necessary for all areas (i.e. design, manufacturing, service) in a product creation process. This document complements the “SASIG Guidelines for Combining 3D Models and 2D documentation”.

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EN15_V1_SASIG_Guidelines for Combining 3D Models and 2D documentation

The automotive industry has increased the use of 3D CAD systems, beginning with the development stage and moving toward manufacturing and customer support. Traditionally, 2D drawings have been the medium used in manufacturing. Standards and best practices have been well established and universally adopted. Although 3D models are becoming more widely accepted and used, there are no standards, resulting in various problems being experienced within the automotive industry. The SASIG consortium has completed a project to establish standards for combining 3D models and 2D drawings. The results hereby published are these guidelines for combining 3D models and 2D CAD information. This document complements the “SASIG 3D Annotated Standard” recommendation.

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