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History of GALIA


GALIA was created in 1984 to answer an urgent need to improve exchanges between business partners within the automotive industry. At that time, there was neither Internet nor e-Business EDI (Exchange of Data Interchange) and EDTi (Exchange of Technical Data) was at its very beginning.

Originally, GALIA covered the Logistics field, defining label standards, packaging and pallets, plastic boxes, small metallic containers and EDI messages. Nowadays GALIA also deals with exchanges in Engineering and B2B/Invoicing domains and processes to improve the supply chain performance.

Mission GALIA

The mission of GALIA

  • Develop recommendations (some of them are standards recognised and used by the entire automotive industry) for the exchange of goods and information between partners within the automotive industry;
  • Encourage the achievement by service provider companies "Club members" of tools compliant to the specifications contained in the recommendations.
  • Inform and make aware the automotive company managers on the existence and importance of these tools;
  • Promote the implementation of solutions derived from the recommendations by the automotive industry companies;
  • Inform and train all possible users.

organisation GALIA


GALIA is a non-profit association, which exists thanks to the involvement of the representatives of member companies in various bodies defined in its By-Laws and Internal Rules.
GALIA is managed by a Board of Directors composed of 18 members (2 PSA Peugeot Citroën, 2 Renault, 1 Renault Trucks, 8 suppliers, 2 logistic carriers and service providers, 3 observers).
The Board of Directors is alternately chaired by a representative of PSA Peugeot Citroën or Renault. It ensures the proper functioning of the Association, guides and validates the works realised.
The Business Committees are composed of representatives from member companies. They define the priorities for their field and guide the works achieved by the existing Working Groups.
The Working Groups develop the specific subjects in detail. These Groups are a main contributor of value of the Association. A group Chairman is systematically appointed and a GALIA Project Manager drives the meetings.

Consult GALIA By-Laws:

GALIA Rule of Procedure:

relations GALIA


GALIA is in the core of a network counting 300 companies Full Members, Associate members A and B and Club Members.
GALIA gathers suppliers of Peugeot Citroën, Renault and Renault trucks as well as service providers. Whatever their tier within the automotive industry and their size (major groups, medium-sized firms, SMEs), all the companies are concerned by the subjects handled by GALIA.
GALIA is opened to worldwide companies.

GALIA takes part in SASIG works in the framework of Engineering-related exchanges. GALIA contributes to the works of joint groups AIAG/JAMA-JAPIA, Odette International aiming to draft global standard in identification, EDI and best logistic practice.
GALIA develops direct relationships with its American counterpart AIAG.

In Europe
GALIA is a member of two major bodies. Odette International, which welcomes representatives of countries: Germany, Spain, France, Czech Republic, Romania, United Kingdom, Sweden, Turkey. The mission, objectives and organization of Odette International are similar to those of GALIA.
ENX Association is an Association created in 2000 to set up a private, secure, high-speed automotive network based on the Internet technologies. GALIA is an Associate Member of ENX. The founding Full Members are represented by European industrial companies.

In France
GALIA is in connection with many professional federations and bodies, in particular with:

  • PFA (Plateforme de la Filière Automobile = Automotive industry platform)
  • FIEV (Fédération des Industries des Équipementiers pour Véhicules = Automotive Industry supplier Federation)
  • CCFA (Comité des Constructeurs Français d'Automobiles = French Automotive manufacturers Committee)
  • ARIA (Associations Régionales pour l’Industrie Automobile = Regional Automotive Industry Associations)


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