Groupement pour l’Amélioration des Liaisons dans l’Industrie Automobile

[New GALIA recommendation] Collaborative forecasting in the automotive industry



In 2021, we set up a “Collaborative Forecasting” working group to propose improvements to the forecasting process in the automotive supply chain. Note that we had not worked on the subject of forecasting for several years: it was urgent to reconsider this topic given technological developments and the context of the Automotive supply chain.

Therefore, we carried out a detailed review of the processes involved in the different forecast horizons, we identified the risks and difficulties related to the operational requirements and proposed improvements likely to strengthen collaboration between the various partners in the sector.

The working group has summarised its work in a new GALIA recommendation “Collaborative forecasting in the automotive industry”, available only in English.

However, the subject is not closed, because our industry will have to continue to find a balance between the necessary preparation to guarantee its industrial efficiency, and the flexibility that is required in the current context. Especially since our industry is the scene of a considerable evolution with the emergence of the electric vehicle…