Groupement pour l’Amélioration des Liaisons dans l’Industrie Automobile

Gilles Sexton

New Manager of GALIA

During the GALIA Board of Directors held in March, Gilles SEXTON from PSA Groupe took over the management of our Association. We warmly thank Pierre JAMOND for the results of his actions, the work he has carried out, and the spirit he has instigated within GALIA.

Here is a first testimony of the new governance.

Mr SEXTON, you have just been appointed Director of GALIA. What is your professional background at PSA Groupe?

First of all, let me tell you that I am very excited to join the GALIA Association.

I started my career as a Project Manager, then IT Operations Manager.

I then joined the Industrial Department to take responsibility for the project management of plant information systems on a global basis.

In 2007, I joined the Supply Chain Division as Director of an international transformation program concerning the supply of our factories in connection with all PSA Groupe suppliers. Then, I was appointed VP Transformation Projects & Digital within the Supply Chain department with the responsibility of leading transformation projects from order to customer invoicing, including commercial and industrial forecasts, production management, transport, packaging, logistics and even vehicle distribution. I also led the migration of our processes & IT in the factories and sales subsidiaries of OPEL/ VAUXHALL.

What are your ambitions for GALIA?

The automotive industry is going through a difficult period with the COVID-19 crisis and I particularly wish to provide our members with the full support of the GALIA team

My ambition is very clear: I want to improve GALIA’s “VALUE FOR MONEY” for each of its members. To do  this, we have defined a strategic plan with the GALIA Board of Directors. It is based on four pillars, namely, accelerating digital transformations through standards, developing sustainable and efficient logistics, building the integrated Supply Chain of the future and responding to the new challenges of electric and connected vehicles. These four pillars are based on a foundation integrating skill development and international collaboration strengthening as well. You need to know that as a member of ODETTE Board, I work jointly with all European associations, specially with the VDA.

The success of our “VALUE FOR MONEY” plan requires the involvement of all our members. It is an exciting adventure, and I am convinced that the stakes will reflect our ambitions.