Groupement pour l’Amélioration des Liaisons dans l’Industrie Automobile



SEEBURGER automotive solutions support more than 4,000 automotive industry companies and their trading partners, which include OEMs, suppliers, retailers, dealers, parts manufacturers and logistics providers. 

Since 1986, SEEBURGER has been providing the automotive industry with innovative solutions and services. As a global integration software and IT services company, we support a wide range of integration scenarios from onboarding and cloud connectors to EDI, supply chain management and payment integration. 

The SEEBURGER BIS Platform innovates your supply chain management by simplifying complex IT landscapes and driving efficiency through process standardization and an unobstructed flow of data. Connect partners, automate processes and support business decisions involved in supply chain processes with SEEBURGER BIS – in the cloud, as a hybrid solution, or on premises.

Gérard MAGRO

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