Guidelines for reporting freight greenhouse gas emissions

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Freight Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reporting is becoming an increasingly important topic for the industry and cannot be ignored.

New standards are being published and there are rising demands for data both from external customers and public bodies as well as to meet the internal GHG accounting objectives of companies.

These Guidelines have been bublished specifically for the automotive sector. They are directed at helping all those involved to understand the basic principles and to adopt a consistent approach that will support both recent and future standards and legislative requirements.

Rather than introducting new methodologies, these Guidelines make recommendations based on use of the most appropriate existing initiatives. These are initiatives being adopded by industry as a whole and so these Guidelines may be helpful fo those engaged in other sectors besides automotive.

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Contents of this Guidelines:

  1. Identify your reporting objectives.
  2. Understand the sources of your emissions.
  3. Select your calculation method.
  4. Gather required data as accurately as you can.
  5. Present results in an appropriate report including methodology used and all assumptions made.
  6. Use publicly recognised methods and emissions factors as referenced in these Guidelines wherever possible.