Groupement pour l’Amélioration des Liaisons dans l’Industrie Automobile

Aimé-Frédéric ROSENZWEIG

Expert Leader Supply Chain at RENAULT

New President of GALIA

During the GALIA GALIA Board of Directors meeting held in March, Aimé-Frédéric ROSENZWEIG from RENAULT SAS Group took over the Chairmanship of our Association. We warmly thank Karim TOUHAMI for the results of his actions, the work he has carried out, and the spirit he has instigated within GALIA.

Here is a first testimony of the new governance.

Mr ROSENZWEIG, you have just been appointed Chairman of GALIA. What is your professional background and your current position at RENAULT?

My role as an Expert Leader within RENAULT’s Supply Chain has enabled me to reconnect with GALIA for three years now. I had the opportunity to participate in the work of the Association a few years ago. I had then taken the measure of collaborative action.

My career is essentially shared between two companies with very different approaches: PROCTER & GAMBLE and RENAULT. I have a predominately Supply Chain background but 3very diversified. I started in the factory, alternating operational, engineering and project positions. My last experiences at RENAULT SAS led me successively to the after-sales business in Hungary, to the building of the Tangier plant, then to the definition of Supply Chain processes and finally to the interface of Supply Chain with the world of Vehicle and Component Engineering. I came away with the strong belief that organizational effectiveness was at interfaces.

My current mission as an Expert Leader corresponds to an internal advisory role. The three major activities are: helping my colleagues on complex and critical topics, enlightening skills and technology roadmaps, ensuring links with the academic world and professional associations.

What do you thing about the Association and what do you expect from an organization like GALIA?

In recent years, our environment has grown, becoming more complex, accelerated. No one, no more organization has a global understanding of our ecosystems. This reinforces the need for collaborative work wherever it makes sense: between suppliers and manufacturers, between professional associations, at French, European and global level. So there is a place for associations such as ours.

GALIA has a rich and strong experience in this field. The standards created by the GALIA members and teams, validated by ODETTE or at international level, are recognized by our entire profession. More other, we are working in France with the PFA, the SIA …

But like any organization, we must evolve to meet the future challenges of the automotive industry. Without forgetting our DNA, we must reinvent ourselves, constantly focusing on strategic plans of our companies. Economic constraints will force us to become more responsive in our projects. Once over, the health crisis, will also surely question us.

The skills within the association, the spirit of collaboration that reigns among its members are assets for success. Whatever the situation, I have no doubt that we will find the means to make our contribution to the French automotive industry.

In these difficult times linked to the COVID-19 crisis, I also extend my support to you, your families and your teams. I hope to see you again as soon as the situation permits. Until then take good care of yourself and your loved ones. Let’s use « modern » communication means to continue collaborating!