Groupement pour l’Amélioration des Liaisons dans l’Industrie Automobile

Global MMOG/LE: Get ready!



Just a year has passed since version 6 of the MMOG was formalized. Let’s remember that it incorporates new and essential requirements for the automotive Supply Chain. This version is already widely implemented, but the “transition period” has elapsed, and clients now demand Version 6.

As the 2024 campaign for self-assessment begins, it’s worth noting that GALIA offers various options:

📌 AUDIT AND LOGISTICS EVALUATION TRAINING WITH THE GLOBAL MMOG/LE V6 REFERENCE (3 days), providing a comprehensive review of criteria, the platform, and best practices for conducting internal evaluations or audits.

📌 GLOBAL MMOG/LE: WHAT’S NEW IN V6 TRAINING (0.5 day), tailored for trainees familiar with V4 or V5 and the tool, focusing on the new requirements of Version 6.

📌 Expert accompaniment during an MMOG field audit, a service tailored to your needs.

📌 Assistance with configuring the tool if you haven’t yet implemented it in your company.

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Feel free to contact GALIA’s training service.