Groupement pour l’Amélioration des Liaisons dans l’Industrie Automobile

ENX activities

ENX is both an Association and a communication network.

The ENX Association was founded in June 2000 by a group of manufacturers, suppliers and national associations from the European automotive industry. This is an association under the French law governed by the 1901 law whose headquarters are located in Boulogne-Billancourt (France) and Frankfurt-on-Main (Germany).

Among the members of the Association: AUDI, BMW, BOSCH, CONTINENTAL, DAIMLER, DGA (General Delegation for Armament), FORD, MAGNA INTERNATIONAL, RENAULT, VALEO, VOLKSWAGEN, GALIA (France), SMMT (United Kingdom) and VDA (Germany).

The office of the ENX Association is made up of:
• Mr Philippe Ludet (Renault) Chairman,
• Mr Sven Hirsche (BMW) Vice-Chairman,
• and Ms Nadine Garaud (GALIA) Treasurer of the ENX Association.

The automotive industry is characterized by strong international cooperation and the interconnection of cross-cutting processes. This requires a similar level of protection in all the companies concerned. The aim of the ENX Association is to enable and to simplify safe and reliable collaboration between manufacturers.

The activities of the ENX Association are centered on 3 axes:
• The ENX network: for a secure and trusting collaboration between partners in the automotive industry,
• The information security audit standard, TISAX “Trusted Information Security Assessment eXchange”,
• R&D projects.



The ENX network, maintained and managed by the ENX Association, provides for partner companies, a platform for the exchange of design, production and logistics data, meeting the needs of intellectual property protection, cost reduction and simplification of data exchange in the automotive industry.

GALIA runs an ENX Users Group which meets three times a year to report the needs of users of the ENX network to the central ENX body.


LeThe ENX network is now accessible in the worldwide. More than 1,500 companies in the automotive industry and other sectors in more than 30 countries use it.

Automotive manufacturers with an ENX connection










Companies wishing to connect to the ENX network must apply for prior registration with the ENX Association.

The network infrastructure and connections are provided by certified service providers from the ENX Association, ensuring a reliability, security and exceptional performance level for users. Each service provider markets its own range of ENX solutions.

Certified service providers in accordance with the ENX standard

  • KPN International
  • ANX
  • Orange Business Services
  • T-Systems International
  • Verizon

For more details regarding ENX certified service providers, click here.

The central services managed by the ENX Association ensure a transparent operation for the network users:

  • “Interconnection points” (“ENX POI”),
  • the IPSec interoperability laboratory (“ENX IPSec Lab”),
  • the public key infrastructure (“ENX PKI”) within the ENX Trust Center.

These services allow to simplify the connections (“Interconnectivity”) between certified service providers and the interoperability of the encryption devices used.



With the massive digitalization period, the cyber-criminality is exponentially increasing and represents a major economic challenge for companies. Not a day goes by that businesses have to deal with multiple cyber- attacks!

The information security has become a major subject for companies and it’s in the heart of concerns for the automotive supply chain.

Evaluate the information security level in the automotive industry to prevent a risk that has become major!

The TISAX “Trusted Information Security Assessment eXchange” audit standard is based on key aspects from the international standards ISO / IEC 27001 and 27002. The purpose of this standard is to assess the information security level within companies exchanging sensitive data.

Developed by the automotive industry, the TISAX audit standard covers all information security risks, both digital and physical, and can be used anywhere in the world.

The TISAX standard involves to check that the customer information transmitted is correctly protected.

It is not only all the risks linked with the cyber-security, but more generally it covers all the risks relating to information security (digital, physical, etc.) incurred in the automotive industry.

The objectives of the TISAX audit standard:

  • To establish a common security level,
  • To allow competition between audit service providers,
  • To ensure common recognition of evaluations thus allowing
  • To reduce cost and to save time for all.

The ENX Association acts as a trusted authority (regarding the partners in the automotive industry) and a governance of the certification process.

Audit providers certified TISAX

The ENX Association is responsible for approving audit  providers (multi-service provider approach). To do this, it has defined specifications (accreditation criteria and audit requirements) and an auditor approval process.

About ten audit providers are certified TISAX or in the process of certification.

For more details on TISAX certified audit providers, click here.

The TISAX User Manual (TISAX Participant Handbook) provides all the necessary information about TISAX. It describes the steps needed to pass the TISAX assessment and to share the results of your assessment with your business partners. It explains what TISAX is, how it works, and what’s behind it.



The ENX Association participates actively in research projects in the field of automotive information security. It also allows us to still be at the cutting edge of technology, especially in terms of safety and reliability and ultimately for the benefit of the automotive industry.

After the SkIDentity (inter-company identity and authentication management) and Vertrag (access rights management) projects, the ENX Association is, for example, involved in the interdisciplinary research project ENTOURAGE, supported by the French ministry German Federal Economy and Energy (BMWi) within the framework of the technology program “Smart Service Welt” (a world of intelligent services).

ENTOURAGE incorporate a Car2Car and Car2X data exchange platform (infrastructure, services, others). It is about making the vehicles communicate with each other or with infrastructures (traffic lights, etc.). For this it is necessary to have a PKI infrastructure (Public Key Infrastructure) to authenticate vehicles by a certificate. Safety aspects are essential and the role of the ENX Association is to provide its expertise.

In terms of R&D, the ENX Association supports its members on the security axis of trade, by actively participating alongside them in the works related to Car2X; whether within the European Commission, at ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) or within the C2C (Car to Car) Communication Consortium.