Groupement pour l’Amélioration des Liaisons dans l’Industrie Automobile


Supply Chain Management is a global process that consists of managing the goods sourcing, the physical supply flows, stocks and associated information, within an organization and within partners relationship, all while optimizing costs, quality of service and customer satisfaction.

A Supply Chain assessment tool for its continuous improvement

The Global Materials Management Operations Guidelines / Logistics Evaluation (MMOG / LE) tool was developed by the global automotive industry to assess the Logistics management capacity of customers and suppliers in the industry.
Like the IATF 16949 standard for Quality management, Global MMOG / LE has become a global standard for evaluating and improving the performance of Supply Chain processes.

Containing a standardized, well-structured set of criteria reflecting the latest process requirements of the global automotive industry, Global MMOG / LE helps identify gaps and action plans both in terms of capacity, skills and performance. It increases the efficiency and robustness of the supply chain, while reducing the costs associated with errors and waste.

Automotive manufacturers and suppliers can use this tool to:
• Benchmark against best practices
• Conduct a continuous improvement process
• Meet customer requirements to increase satisfaction
• Carry out an internal evaluation
• Improve the performance of subcontractors and partner

Global MMOG / LE “Full” and “Basic” versions

In the past, Global MMOG / LE consisted of a single assessment. Since version 4, it now consists of two assessments: a “Full” assessment and a “Basic” assessment. The “Basic” version contains a subset of the criteria used in the “Full” version and has been developed specifically for n-tier suppliers in the Supply Chain, while retaining the fundamental principles of the “Full” version. web platform

From version 5, you should use the web platform that was developed by Odette (, replacing the Excel tool.

Training and coaching at Global MMOG / LE

GALIA, which has actively contributed to the development of MMOG / LE and its various updates, alongside ODETTE and IAAG, is one of the approved training partners. GALIA also offers an audit support service.