Groupement pour l’Amélioration des Liaisons dans l’Industrie Automobile


The Association’s Board of Directors has defined GALIA’s three-year strategic plan, which takes the form of four pillars, a foundation and an ambition, “Value for Money“. All of GALIA’s activities aim to bring value to its members and thus to constitute a significant return on investment for the participating companies.

This plan represents the priority actions according to 4 work axis, each represented by a pillar:

  1. “Fast Industry Adaptation”: To support businesses and enable them to gain in reactivity and productivity by deploying our international “off-the-shelf” standards, resulting from GALIA, Odette and SASIG work.
    This involves for each company, if necessary with the help of the GALIA team, analysing the standards and identifying the issues and the means to deploy them, with the aim of a rapid return on investment.
  2. “Sustainable Logistics”: To work on the Transport ecosystem on a European scale, as well as issues relating to the sustainable development of the supply chain.
    This involves, through a standardised approach of the interface between the automotive industry and the world of transports, responding to new societal, regulatory and transformation challenges affecting the automotive industry.
  3. “Integrated Extended Enterprise”:  To integrate company projects concerning new technology bricks, in order to identify best practices and modes of exchanges to be standardised in the supply chain and product / process design processes.
    This involves responding to the emergence of new functional needs with the contribution of new technologies available on the market.
  4. “Next Generation Challenges”: To support the transformation of the automotive world (connected vehicle, electric vehicle, parts track & trace, batteries, etc.) impacting the supply chain and the product life cycle.
    This involves analysing new needs and developing or adapting existing standards, by being in contact with the involved groups of experts.

In support of these actions, GALIA continually adapts its training programs for stakeholders in our companies, to help them adapt to the digital transformation of our businesses and our processes.

In line with the concerns of its members, GALIA’s influence is developing internationally in synergy with its partners and European and global organisations.

The GALIA strategic plan, a high added-value plan whose ambitions meet the current concerns of companies and which strengthens the efficiency of the automotive sector.