Groupement pour l’Amélioration des Liaisons dans l’Industrie Automobile


In addition to the existing standard corpus maintenance, GALIA develops new strategic projects for future standardization items. This is the aim of our three years strategic plan, defined by our board of directors, and based on the automotive industry priorities.

It consists of four pillars, a foundation and an ambition, “Value for Money”. Our target is to give a significant return on investments to all the participating companies.

The four pillars:

  1. “Supply chain Standardization”: Our standards (and those from our international partners) are well known for their performance and their wide implementation. Implementing them is the best way to implement quickly, with low resources, performing tools. 3 main projects on the spot : support the deployment of our fexisting logistic corpus which is extending thanks to our key members internationalization, cybersecurity certification with TISAX assessment and impact of the new e-invoicing regulations.
  2. “Sustainable Supply Chain”: The future automotive supply chain shall be sustainable with transport CO2 ambitious reduction, wasteless packaging and finally accurate aggregation of ESG data across the supply chain. All being challenges that will change the supply chain in the next years.
  3. “Integrated Extended Enterprise”:  We all dream of managing the supply chain end to end instead of one to one. And the future of the automotive industry will need that managing supplies from tier-n to OEM. These 3 projects are focusing on that.
  4. “Next Generation Challenges”: or next frontiers for the supply chain! We need to adapt to the product evolutions (autonomous driving, EV deployment). With a specific focus on opportunities brought by new technologies (AI, machine learning…) and as well to support future battery passport, key item for EVs.

Supporting these actions, GALIA is as well a training center for the automotive industry, constantly updated with our standards and a key forum for exchanges in the automotive industry supply chain, historically in France, but now as well worldwide.

Let’s work together to give to our Industry “Value for money”!