Groupement pour l’Amélioration des Liaisons dans l’Industrie Automobile


GALIA’s mission is multiple:

  • Develop recommendations (some of them are standards recognized and used by the entire automotive industry) for the exchange of goods and information between partners within the automotive industry.
  • Make these recommendations available to its members;
  • Encourage the achievement by service provider companies “Club members” of tools compliant to the specifications contained in the recommendations.
  • Inform and make aware the automotive company managers on the existence and importance of these tools.
  • Promote the implementation of solutions derived from the recommendations issued by the automotive industry companies.
  • Inform and train all possible users.
  • Represent and defend the interests of its members before French, European and world organizations working in the same fields and on the same themes.

GALIA’s mission is part of a strategic context of developing international establishments, seeking competitiveness and profitability for the entire French automotive industry, for the benefit of the end customer.

Originally, GALIA mainly covered the Logistics field, (Packaging, Label standards, EDI messages, Good Logistics Practices…) and the Engineering field (CAD exchange,  Exchange of technical data…).

The development of E-commerce, made possible by the development of new Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), has changed the situation and has led the automotive community to rethink its processes and organization. In addition to its technical missions and expertise, GALIA provides a network of contacts for professionals and experts to share their experiences, identify and implement best practices.