Groupement pour l’Amélioration des Liaisons dans l’Industrie Automobile

40 years: episode 2



40 years of Supply Chain orchestrated by GALIA EDI

Did you know? Every day, millions of EDI messages support the flow of parts : Forecast, call-off, delivery, invoicing… everything is automated, digitalised, standardised. The GALIA EDI standards, created 40 years ago by carmakers and suppliers, have been adopted worldwide.

Business transactions rely on electronic messages featuring a standardised structure, ensuring uniformity across all stakeholders and eliminating the need for complex interface development. Consequently, different companies’ systems can seamlessly utilize them with their own processes.

The automotive industry led the way in this domain, which has since been adopted by many other sectors and is starting to become a regulatory requirement (in the field of invoicing, for example).

Given the huge amount of data involved, and its diverse offering, never the automotive industry could have developed its just-in-time basis without digitalisation. EDI serves as a major lever for performance and cost reduction.

At GALIA, we are proud of our EDI standards, which also provide value-added services: end-to-end part tracking, traceability, transport visibility.

We maintain our EDI standards, regularly introducing new features. Every year, new deployments are decided upon by carmakers or suppliers, with GALIA providing expertise and support to its members.