Groupement pour l’Amélioration des Liaisons dans l’Industrie Automobile

Catena-X Workshop on March 2024



CATENA-X is an initiative proposing to create a sovereign, multi-tier data exchange and use case collaboration across the entire value chain in the automotive industry.

In 2022, the CATENA-X hub in France has been created, hosted by GALIA in association with the PFA. Hence, as a member of one of these two associations, your company is as well a member of the Hub.  As such, we would like to invite business and IT members to attend a workshop whose objective is to give you a concrete view on the fist use cases, illustrated by demonstrations and a first opportunity to understand how to connect your company to this initiative.

March 6th 2024 from 9:00 to 17:00 


Warning : the meeting will be held in English 


9:00  IntroductionCommon welcome messages PFA/GALIA/Catena-X.
9:15  Catena-X conceptGeneral presentation of the concept:
• End to end sovereign data exchange solution in the automotive industry. 
• Infrastructure for data exchange. 
• Use cases with standardized data models and processes. 
• Governance structure (Association, developement environement, operating environement).
• Main milestones (where we are and deliverables for 2024/2025).
9:45  ConnectionHow to securely exchange data.
EDC connector (identifiaction, control plan, data plan…). Various possibilities for implementation (On premise, as a service…).
EDC: Eclipse Data Connector
10:15  Breakrefreshment + networking
10:30  BPDM use case
BPDM: Business Partner Data Management
General presentation (what ? How it works ? Benefit for companies)  Demo – Q&A
12:00  LunchBuffet + networking
13:00  TraceabilityGeneral presentation (what ? How it works ? Benefit for companies)  Demo – Q&A
14:30  PCF
PCF : Product Carbon Footprint
General presentation (what ? How it works ? Benefit for companies)  Demo – Q&A
16:00  Breakrefreshment + networking
16:30  French HubFrench Hub presentation. How it can help
16:50  Final conclusion