Groupement pour l’Amélioration des Liaisons dans l’Industrie Automobile

EPP and AEPP packaging: GALIA EMB17 Recommendation  



GALIA is pursuing various works concerning packaging. Among these, the group on EPP & AEPP packaging (Expanded Polypropylene, Alveolar Extruded Polypropylene) has fulfilled its mission by publishing a new GALIA EMB17 Recommendation. 

The group was composed of representatives of car manufacturers, suppliers and packaging manufacturers, whom we thank very much for their contributions. 

It should be noted that these packaging are usually tailored specifically for a part, and are not the subject of a standard, strictly speaking. However, their design and use call for recommendations or useful specifications in the automotive context, which we wanted to highlight for users and developers of these packaging (dimensional, resistance, ergonomic, environmental…). 

A French-language version of this Recommendation is available.