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FNFE-MPE Invoice (electronic?) Survey 2020



Since 2020, all invoices to the public sector must be in electronic form. From 2023, the 2020 finance law provides for the implementation to oblige the inter-company electronic invoicing. Finally, the constraint period of the health crisis and the confinement measures have exacerbated the shortcomings and dysfunctions of treatment. 

In order to keep the reflections going on the future transformations in the after world, the Electronic Invoice Forum (FNFE-MPE), with the support of the Business Mediator and in partnership with the Superior Council of the Order of Experts – Accountants, GS1 France, GALIA and MEDEF, launches a survey about the methods of processing invoices issued and received by companies, the operational impacts of containment, including on payment terms and lessons learned by companies. 

The results will be presented in the fall as part of an event organized by the FNFE-MPE, with its partners and members, open to all.

10 minutes is enough. Thank you for your time.