Groupement pour l’Amélioration des Liaisons dans l’Industrie Automobile

Global MMOG/LE: Version 6 is released



The MMOG/LE project group has finalised Version 6, as well as some documents that will allow users to optimize its implementation.

Odette and AIAG have therefore published this new version:

This V6 incorporates a feedback of some difficulties encountered in the automotive supply chain during the last 4 years. It also marks an increase in requirements, on societal aspects, on supply chain risks, information systems, concerning the evolution of automotive products or the integration of new players in the value chain… To this extent, Chapter 6 – Supplier Interface – reinforces the requirements in terms of Supplier Development, which we had already seen with V5. However, the number of Criteria decreases significantly between V5 and V6.

The project is not completely finished: the project group will bring together MMOG/LE trainers soon; translations are always awaited, and they will be made available soon (The French version will be done by GALIA).

Note: the use of V6 will require a new License for the Platform (which will cover older V4 and V5 versions); Customers will communicate their implementation schedule for this new version, some of which consider using V6 as early as this year.

GALIA would like to thank all the contributors to this project and will of course be present to support future users.