Groupement pour l’Amélioration des Liaisons dans l’Industrie Automobile




Regulations related to ESGE Environmental, Social, Governance & Economic) indicators at any stage of the value chain will require, from companies involved in the battery value chain, accurate and reliable battery information. 

These pieces of information will be gathered in a so-called Digital Battery Passport. It is important for stakeholders to understand their content and the related constraints in terms of data sharing to create and maintain the Digital Battery Passport. 

In relation to the PFA working group CSTA 33, GALIA proposes a working group dedicated to data aggregation and sharing in the context of EU regulation. 

The works should support the EU regulations implementation, the Battery Life Cycle and Circular Economy industrialization. The objective will be to validate the necessary data to be exchanged according to the regulation 2023/1542 Chapter IX and Annex XIII, explore all available initiatives (Global Battery Alliance, CATENA-X, Battery Pass…) and experiment Digital Battery Passport data exchange standards and/or guidelines through proof of concepts, using the CATENA-X concept and its EcoPass Kit.

Both business and IT experts are required to participate, in a collaborative and non-competitive mode, to this new working group. In case you are interested, please contact us.