Groupement pour l’Amélioration des Liaisons dans l’Industrie Automobile




Supply chain emissions will be the most important opportunity for CO2 reductions in the automotive value chain for electromobility. EU regulations on sustainability will require, from companies involved in the automotive industry, “product carbon footprint” as a key performance indicator for both product design and sustainable supply chain. 

Cars’ production is a joint activity involving a complex network of suppliers. For economic and antitrust reasons, a fully transparent network is not feasible. We need to find more intelligent ways to use and analyse carbon emissions data. At each stage of the supply chain, relevant data must be accurately and reliably computed, aggregated, and shared from the Tier n level to the OEM. 

In relation to the CATENA-X and PFA relevant working groups, GALIA proposes to create a working group dedicated to Product Carbon Footprint data aggregation and sharing in the context of EU regulation. The work should experiment cross companies’ data exchange to support Product Carbon Footprint data aggregation and reporting in the priority EU regulations field. 

The working group will hence explore the CATENA-X PCF Kit and solutions as well as experiment both calculation/exchange Product Carbon Footprint data through Proof of Concepts. They will rely on CATENA-X PCF Rulebook for calculation methodology (used both in CATENA-X and IMDS), refer on the PFA CSTA secondary emission factors database and CATENA-X PCF data exchange Kit, as well as standards, for data aggregation. 

Both business and IT experts are required to participate, in a collaborative and non-competitive mode, to this new working group. In case you are interested, please contact us.