Implementing RFID in the Automotive Supply Chain – White Book

Available inImplementing RFID in the Automotive Supply Chain - White Book


The workgroup focused on the use of Passive UHF RFID technology with the aim of:

  • Identifying process issues that could create undue difficulties or multiple solutions among user companies,
  • Jointly defining the main industry use cases for Passive UHF RFID technology.

The use cases studied include:

  • Monitoring of returnable packaging
  • Monitoring of Transport Handling Unit flows between supplier and customer
  • Tracking the flow of parts via the RFID tags on packaging
  • Monitoring of individual parts
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1. General Content
2. Radio airwave technologies
3. RFID automotive use cases
4. Key implementation principles
5. RFID challenges for the automotive industry
6. Glossary
7. Appendix