Packaging Material Recommendations (Towards a full circular economy)

Available inPackaging Material Recommendations (Towards a full circular economy)


This recommendation contributes to companies’ commitment to a better circular economy for all materials used in packaging solutions, to reduce the use of material resources, to comply with recycling obligations and to reduce the amount of residual waste.

This recommendation is designed to provide a clear understanding of what materials and packaging solutions should be used in the automotive supply chain, to Packaging engineers, to Buyers and to Users of packaging amongst Automotive OEMs, Parts suppliers, and Packaging manufacturers.

This Recommendation is provided by the GALIA community for free. We encourage a large sharing across the industry.

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  1. Introduction
  2. The Guiding Principles
  3. General recommendations
  4. Zoom on usual packaging and accessories
  5. Zoom on single-use plastic packaging solutions
  6. Zoom on plastic materials
  7. Zoom on after-sales specifics
  8. Visual examples of solutions to eradicate
  9. Thanks