Paper Image of the AVIEXP V5 Despatch Advice

Available inPaper Image of the AVIEXP V5 Despatch AdvicePaper Image of the AVIEXP V5 Despatch Advice


The delivery note summarizes the goods shipped: it must respect the data and the formalism that have been retained.


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  1. Introduction

1.1.     Edi Message Involved
1.2.     Design
1.3.     Presentation
1.4.     Printing
1.5.     Link Between Bl And Edi Message

  1. General

2.1.     Characteristics
2.2.     Zoning
2.3.     Order Of Presentation Of Data
2.4.     Printout
2.5.     Data Description
2.6.     Language Of Data Titles
2.7.     Number Of Copies Of The Bl

  1. Data

3.1.     Header
3.1.1.      Delivery Note (Bl) – Number
3.1.2.      Date Of The Bl
3.1.3.      Tele Transmitted
3.1.4.      Seller
3.1.5.      Ship From
3.1.6.      Ship To
3.1.7.      Seller Code
3.1.8.      Your Contact
3.1.9.      Completed Shipment And Expected Arrival

3.2.     Description Of The Goods
3.2.1.      Article Designation, Country Of Origin, Order Number
3.2.2.      Article Number
3.2.3.      Shipped Quantity
3.2.4.      Unit
3.2.5.      Handling Unit / Package Type
3.2.6.      Number Of Handling Unit / Package Type
3.2.7.      Handling Unit Number, Batch Number, Expiry Date
3.2.8.      Quantity By Handling Unit
3.2.9.      Order Number
3.2.10.        Transport Handling Unit Number (Thu)

3.3.     Summary Information

3.4.     Numbering Of The Bl Folios

Appendix 1 – Layout Of The Bl With Reference To Aviexp Message
Appendix 2 – Example Of Editing A Bl With Only One Page
Appendix 3 – Translation Of Data Titles.