Specifications of exchange data format based on STEP AP242 BOM XML Edition 1

Available inSpecifications of exchange data format based on STEP AP242 BOM XML Edition 1


The goal of this document is to describe the recommended structure and attribute population for particular instance models created from the entities and attributes defined by the STEP AP242 “Managed Model-based 3D Engineering” Business Object Model (BOM) and populated according to its XML Schema. The selected instance models illustrate how to encode data values that need to be exchanged in support of key industry requirements common for PROMETHEA project of VALDriv/PFA program. The objectives of the usage guide are to :

  • Support the short-term needs of the French Automotive industry in the domain of measurement on manufactured parts,
  • Prevent the emergence of diverging/conflicting implementations of the AP242 BO Model XML for different communities.
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  1. Introduction
  2. Technical recommandations for XML File creation
  3. Basic building blocks
  4. Core building blocks
  5. Building STEP AP242 BOM XML file for PROMETHEA