Groupement pour l’Amélioration des Liaisons dans l’Industrie Automobile

The GALIA Delivery Note standard is updated



The new version of the Delivery Note standard (entitled: DELIVERY NOTE – PAPER IMAGE OF THE AVIEXP V5.3 DESPATCH ADVICE, IAE4 – V1R0) was validated by the members of the GALIA Working Group.

This recommendation was published at the end of December 2023 on the GALIA website.

The old version of the Delivery Note standard dates from 2005. The main evolutions taken into account are:

• Addition of a 2D barcode in Datamatrix format
• Addition of a summary of all the packaging elements of a shipment (consistent with version 5.3 of the AVIEXP message)
• Possibility of adding the supplier’s part reference
• Possibility of editing License Plate (unique identifier of a label)
• Addition of a comments area
• Reorganisation of columns
• Addition of the party identifier in the address blocks

Given the impact of a modification of the Delivery Note on information systems (ERP, Web EDI, etc.), the new Delivery Note standard is intended to be sustainable over time.

Customers logistic manuals will specify implementation deadlines. The GALIA team is at your disposal for any further information.