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Global MMOG/LE: What’s new with V6

This program is for people who are familiar with MMOG/LE version 4 or 5, as well as the platform, and want to easily upgrade to the new version 6. 

Trainees’ satisfaction (2024)


Last Updated: 08/03/24

At the end of this program, the trainee will be able to:

  • Understand the evolutions of Version 6 (Themes, Requirements and Criteria)
  • Understand the expectations of Version 6 and understand the challenges of today's Supply Chain
  • Use version 6 on the platform (upgrade)
  • Use the new Initial Matrix in V6 format

  • Logistics Manager, Logistics Coordinator, Logistician, Global MMOG/LE Coordinator, Lead-Assessor.
  • "Supplier Developer", Supplier Relationship Manager, Logistics Service Provider
  • Warehouse Manager, Reception, Shipping, Planning
  • Supplier Quality
  • Manufacturer
  • Buyer, Commercial

  • Having been trained and/or user of version 4 or version 5 of the tool.
  • Having used the platform before

  1. General Introduction to Global MMOG/LE - Background and Context
  2. Introducing the Global MMOG/LE Version 6 Tool
  3. Version 6 novelties
  4. Global MMOG/LE V6 Summary by Chapter
  5. Presentation of the platform
  6. Benefits of the Global MMOG/LE approach

Final quiz

Evaluation of the training

  • MMOG/LE certified and APICS accredited trainer, having completed a training course in training techniques.
  • Expertise in Supply Chain Management and Lean Management, Planning, Inventory Management.
  • Expertise in information systems, project management and communication.
  • Industrial experience > 15 years.

Teaching methods and resources
Alternating between theory and practical exercises, individual or collective, with presentation in front of the group.
Educational materials in electronic form are given to each participant.

Monitoring the implementation of the action
Attendance sheets signed by the trainees and the trainer justify the completion of the action.

Evaluation Methods
Practical exercises, individual or collective, with restitution in front of the group, and final quiz.

Terms and deadlines
Inter-company: register no later than 5 days before the start of the session (registration on
Intra-company: organization within 2 weeks minimum (adjustable according to needs, from 3 people: contact us).
Access via the Teams video conferencing tool. The trainee will be able to carry out the training from his workstation. For any technical questions related to the workstation, the trainee can contact its company IT department. For any technical or pedagogical questions related to the training, the trainee can contact the trainer directly.

Technical means
The trainee will need a computer with Excel and an internet connection.

Accessibility for people with disabilities
People with disabilities are invited to contact us directly, to explore together the possibilities of following the training.


Contact: Sylvie JEAN
01 41 31 68 66 –


0.5 D ( 3.5 hours )

Remote via Teams

Member - 295 € HT Non-member - 425 € HT