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Collaborative BOM data exchange

The technical data exchange is an essential part of the work in extended enterprise either between two partner manufacturers or between manufacturer and supplier. PDM/PLM solutions are, in general, different from one company to another, which makes the use of neutral formats and standards indispensable.

In addition, each manufacturer has its own coding:

  • Identifiers,
  • Versions/releases/indices,
  • Designation,
  • Classification,
  • Maturity throughout the life cycle,
  • Structural, organisational or functional breakdown,
  • Dictionary of diversity

In the end, data transfers are often done “manually”, the costs associated with considering multiple PLM environments are very high, the migration of a database leads to conversion problems and data integrity may be compromised due to the inability of converters to translate properly certain information such as part or component names.

The result is a great need to define common rules or mapping to better organize this type of exchange. This is all the more necessary as the management of product diversity and associated configurations is growing.

It is therefore proposed that a working party be set up in accordance with the diagram below. Its aim will be to accelerate collaboration between partners by exchanging classification data easily and quickly.

This topic was also launched by the Japanese Automotive Manufacturers and bilateral discussions have resulted in this project becoming an SASIG working group.

  1. Share information on the exchange of nomenclature data:
    1. Clarify the use cases,
    2. Identify the problems,
    3. Validate current state of the art
  2. Develop a recommendation outlining best practices and common protocols to facilitate the exchange of nomenclatures and associated information in the context of product development in the automotive industry.

Publication of a four-sections recommendation:

  • White Paper on Classification Data Interchange
  • Document presenting the use cases and related good practices taken into account in the classification exchanges
  • Document presenting the basic concepts relating to the exchange of nomenclatures
  • Document presenting the mechanisms and organization of the exchanges of nomenclatures (file format, content and templates) as well as recommendations to be shared with publishers

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