Groupement pour l’Amélioration des Liaisons dans l’Industrie Automobile

Demand & Capacity Management – DCM

The automotive industry undergoes a strong transformation (Electric Vehicles, software, globalisation…) and anticipates a higher volatility in the demand for cars, which cascades down the tiers of the Automotive supply chain.  

At the same time, recurring difficulties continue to disrupt the automotive supply chain. 

The aim of the GALIA DCM work group is to study and implement a collaborative Demand and Capacity planning process, to favour robust industry preparation. 

The approach of this important topic will be based on: 

  • Sharing the vision regarding the requirements of the automotive industry and analysing the state of the art and the performance of automotive industry planning. 
  • Identifying the “golden rules” to be agreed upon. 
  • Reviewing the best practices processes required in the Forecasting, Demand and Capacity Management stream and proposing improvements. 
  • Studying the opportunities and benefits offered by new tools and technologies. Studying the CATENA-X Demand & Capacity Management Data Exchange use case. 

This work’s ambition is to develop supply chain collaboration, to improve the quality of communication and to focus on the trust that is required in a difficult context. And consequently, to contribute to the performance of the automotive industry. 

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