Groupement pour l’Amélioration des Liaisons dans l’Industrie Automobile


GALIA, as an ENX Business Center, must escalate the requests of the ENX network users to the central ENX body.

1 • Context

GALIA, as an ENX Business Center, must escalate the requests of the ENX network users to the central ENX body.
As the ENX network is now in the operational phase, it seems appropriate to provide users of this network with an organization whose mission is to collect their reactions and distribute them to the ENX association.

2 • Mission

Obtain feedback from the ENX implementation to help the ENX V2 operational and deployment (how to access the manufacturers applications and/or marketplaces?,….).

  • Provide ideas on what can be done on ENX and how to do it
  • Harmonize the recommendations of the Manufacturers (technical parameters, etc.)
  • Explain the basic principles of ENX
  • Explain security aspects: network connection mode, Firewall, DNS, etc…
  • Define flow recommendations in relation to the used applications
  • Promote the EDI implementation on ENX network (OFTP over IP, etc.)
  • Support the ENX implementation for internal communication
  • Define “typical architectures” for connection to the network depending on the use
  • Define technical improvements of the ENX network.
 3 • Objectives
  • Support the network deployment.
  • Identify user needs in order to develop the ENX network.
  • Promote the ENX network by adopting an appropriate communication policy.
  • Link the providers of access and the ones of value-added services.
  • Promote interconnection with other networks to create a Global Network Exchange (GNX).
4 • Participants

Responsible for the ENX implementation in the companies.
At least one representative from Renault and one from PSA.
10 representatives of suppliers or design offices.

5 • Frequency of meetings

Quarterly or more if necessary.

6 • Group management

The ENX Users group is considered transversal because the ENX network is a tool for B2B, engineering and logistics at the same time.
That said, the group will be steered by the B2B Committee and will regularly inform the other two committees of the progress of its work.

7 • ENX relationship

Be proactive in presenting GALIA’s needs to the European ENX Users group.

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  • Reviews
  • Presentations
  • Documents de travail
  • Coordonnées des participants du Groupe
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