Groupement pour l’Amélioration des Liaisons dans l’Industrie Automobile

Evolution of GALIA’s Plastic Boxes

The plastic packaging standards are described in two recommendations: EMB9 (Rigid boxes) and EMB10 (Foldable boxes). These packaging were designed almost 30 years ago and have been widely tested in our industry. In 2018, together, with users and manufacturers, started a project to improve them, taking into account the technological progress and know-how acquired in the meantime.

Of course, compatibility with the existing fleet will be preserved. The work covers subjects such as the handles ergonomics, the label holders useful, the walls straightness, the RFID integration, the materials or the choice of colors used…
This work will allow us to identify improvements that will materialize in due time as the packaging fleet is renewed.

In particular, this involves rigorously validating the solutions proposed, given the investments involved for manufacturers and the long lifespan of each box for users. They will be recorded in changes to the EMB9 and EMB10 recommendations, during 2020.

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