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Creation of a standard data model to ensure product compliance


A working group including experts from Renault, PSA Groupe and Digital Product Simulation (DPS) has built a demonstrator to calculate statistics that can be viewed in the KARREN platform (DPS solution) using measurement files issued from production tools. To do this, the two manufacturers have started the development of a common and unique data model. This made it possible to define the common input files of the requirements and measurement results to empower the KARREN demonstrator to cover the following 3 use cases:

  • Feasibility of design requirements
  • Product/Process convergence
  • Quality during manufacturing

This demonstrator operating according to a recommendation shared by Renault and PSA Groupe, the common data model must now be confronted with the needs of Tier 1 suppliers. This work must identify all types of data to be aggregated in a project in order to break down the technological silos faced by Tier 1 to Tier n suppliers and the manufacturers’ industrial sites.

A single recommendation dedicated, in a first time, to the French automotive industry working within the framework of the Valdriv PLM program, will make it possible to standardize exchanges interfaces, define a set of related indicators and deploy the use of an industrialized tool based on the KARREN platform or any other tool that plans to use the standard data model.

  1. Share information on production data exchange according to the 3 use cases defined by the manufacturers
  2. Implement the common data model to facilitate exchange through a standard interface
  3. Develop a common data model implementation guide to facilitate the correlation and exchange of measurement data from manufacturing with the requirements that technical design offices are working on for extended enterprise product development in the automotive industry, analyze suppliers parts and components compliance involved in an automotive product
  • Development of the functional data model common to the French automotive industry
  • Development the data model implementation guide using the STEP AP 242xml data model
  • Development of a prototype based on the DPS KARREN platform implementing the data model according to the 3 use cases
  • Communication kit
  • Publication of an approval procedure for any exchange interface solution implementing the data model
Out of scope :
  • Tools, formats or proprietary tools recommendation
  • Information sharing on the companies internal business processes

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