Groupement pour l’Amélioration des Liaisons dans l’Industrie Automobile


Strongly competitive, the automotive industry is constantly in search of performance. The implementation of B2B exchange standards (EDI logistics parts and packaging management, electronic invoice, etc.) contributes to this by automating and improving the reliability of information flows between partners. It identifies and validates the needs for B2B applications.

EDI is a powerful and robust mode of exchange that has proven its worth every day for more than 30 years. “It is a must in the industry”.

The automotive sector makes extensive use of EDI ; there are still many additional opportunities for automated exchanges such as the use of standards between Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers, or the implementation of messages allowing the automation of packaging management.

GALIA also carries out communication and awareness campaigns in order to help companies in the implementation and deployment of electronic invoices.

The identification and validation of B2B application needs are carried out under the aegis of the GALIA Logistics Committee.

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Guide to Best Practices in electronic invoicing


This Guide to best practices in electronic invoicing is intended for members of GS1 France and GALIA wishing to implement electronic invoicing and for those wishing to obtain further information on the provisions of current regulations.


Interchange Agreement


This agreement has been drafted by EDI managers and legal advisors of major French companies within the activities of the CIGREF EDI task force. The intention is to standardise EDI Interchange Agreements among major Companies.


Delivery Note Evolution

Following the publication of the new GALIA profile of the DESADV D96A message (Profile of AVIEXP V5.3 allowing the integration of packaging elements), in February 2020, GALIA launched the “Evolution of the Delivery Note” work group to study the changes / impacts to be implemented on the GALIA Delivery Note (Standard IAE3 V3R0 – DESADV […]

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TO AUTOMATE THE MANAGEMENT OF EMPTY PACKAGING THROUGH EDI The GALIA “Returnable Transport Item messages” working group mirrors the European group led by Odette. In a first phase of specification, a standard process for managing empty packaging was defined. Today, the objective is to define the EDI messages, with our European partners. These messages will […]

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One of the missions of the “Invoice group” is to define what are the impacts of the new European Directive 2001/115 / CE of December 20, 2001 transposed into domestic law on August 7, 2003 for France, on invoicing rules. Two new obligations are now required since December 31, 2003. Invoicing experts (representatives of manufacturers […]

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