Groupement pour l’Amélioration des Liaisons dans l’Industrie Automobile

GALIA “Demand & Capacity Management” project kick-off 



The Demand & Capacity Management process is key for the automotive industry, which requires a good synchronisation of the production and the supply chains of numerous companies. Our industry has been through quite a troubled period, and still hasn’t recovered a level of stability and organisation which everyone would expect. 

In this context, GALIA has launched a new project on “Demand & Capacity Management”, as decided in its strategic plan. The aim is to review current processes and to identify best practices that will favour the efficiency of our industry in a collaborative way. It will pursue some of the work which was undergone in the “Collaborative Forecasting” project a couple of years ago.  

The workgroup has already met in two workshops to set the scene and prioritise subsequent work. Will need to: review and check Capacity Management processes and forecast accuracy measuring, to share some fundamental structuring principles for Demand & Capacity Management, to improve communication obligations and trust between the supply chain partners, to investigate opportunities offered by new tools and technologies or Catena-X data sharing, to review contributing processes such as Risk Management, and to clarify Tier-N suppliers management opportunities, … 

The program is ambitious, and we know that it covers a complex field, integrating many objectives, interlocking processes, different time horizons to be considered and important constraints of the automotive business.  

Nevertheless, it is always a good time for you to join this working group