Livre Blanc sur le standard d‘échanges de données mesure (French version)

Available inLivre Blanc sur le standard d‘échanges de données mesure (French version)Livre Blanc sur le standard d‘échanges de données mesure (French version)


The purpose of this document is to present all aspects of PROMETHEA. Through this project, three automotive industry topics will find ways to improve:

  • Non-compliance may be a major quality issue
  • Benefits developed in industrialization that generate too many additional costs related to changes
  • The construction of documented statistical assumptions for reliability calculations or “rating chains” more representative of the real.

The PROMETHEA Standard Exchange Protocol Implementation Guide details the common data model based on ISO 10303-242 (STEP AP 242). With the introduction on the market of solutions implementing the format developed during the PROMETHEA project, industry will have the tools to eliminate non-conformities and design in a more robust and cost-effective manner. A certification process for these solutions, proposed by GALIA, will enable companies to recognize them.

English version available here.

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  1. Introduction
  2. History
  3. Context
  4. Somes technical explanations
  5. Scope of activities treated by the PROMETHEA Project
  6. PROMETHEA Project implementation
  7. Common model to facilitate communication
  8. Technical demonstrator
  9. Functional content solutions using the PROMETHEA exchange protocol
  10. Homologation process
  11. Conclusion : PROMETHEA serving 4.0 challenges