Groupement pour l’Amélioration des Liaisons dans l’Industrie Automobile

Engineering Domain

Engineering Committee

The Engineering Committee deals with exchange standards and Extended Enterprise Engineering processes.

Manufacturers and their equipment suppliers are increasingly using Extended Enterprise work techniques.
This strategy requires relying on engineering standards in different areas:

  • The quality of digital models.
  • Structured data exchanges, in particular with the international
  • tandards STEP AP214 and STEP AP242.
  • Electronic data interchange (EDTi).
  • Engineering changes tracking.
1 • Context

Engineering is one of the key areas in which GALIA operates, by cooperating with its partners in Europe within Odette and worldwide within SASIG.
The topics covered within the committee are directly related to the product development processes within the sector, with the objective of PLM deployment.
A first approach made it possible to estimate the quantifiable savings at nearly three hundred million francs per year for all the partners. The potential reduction in vehicle development cycle time is months or even years.

2 • Mission

The mission of the Engineering Committee is:

  • To monitor the progress of the work of the various project groups, to ensure the relevance of the results to the objectives and the proper use of resources.
  • To stimulate discussion and reflection between partners in the sector on issues up-to-date.
  • To carry out a technological watch on the solutions using the recommendations and engineering standards of GALIA / Odette / SASIG.
  • More generally to coordinate all of GALIA’s work in the engineering field.
3 • Objectives

The objectives of the Engineering Committee are directly linked to a need to improve collaboration between the various actors within the sector, whatever the collaboration mode.
Thus, we wish:

  • Meet the needs of our members in terms of standards and recommendations, on time and in accordance with their expectations.
  • Support members in the implementation of the methods and tools developed.
  • Be liaison with other national member organizations of Odette and SASIG for questions concerning engineering.
4 • Participants

The committee includes attendeess from the 2 manufacturers as well as equipment manufacturers of all sizes.
These often have a responsibility in their respective companies related to engineering processes, such as development, information systems and purchasing.
The committee also welcomes all the presidents of the project groups it supervises.

5 • Frequency of meeting

The Committee meets approximately once every quarter.

The e-community space gives you access to:

  • Reviews
  • Presentations
  • Documents de travail
  • Coordonnées des participants du Comité
* Réservé aux participants du Comité

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