Groupement pour l’Amélioration des Liaisons dans l’Industrie Automobile

Logistics Domain

Logistics Committee

Logistics is one of the three key areas in which GALIA operates. It covers operating modes and logistical methods, issues of sustainable or lost packaging, identification and information exchange between partners.


1 • Context

Logistics is one of the three key areas in which GALIA operates.
Manufacturers and major equipment manufacturers implement heavy logistics projects in the areas of Supply, Production and Distribution, which require suppliers to master a number of tools.
These are based on standards and recommendations developed within GALIA.

2 • Mission

The role of the Logistics Committee is to take care of the needs of GALIA members in the logistics field and to have ad hoc working groups formulate recommendations that allow industrial companies and service providers to propose and implement compliant solutions, to the needs of the industry.
The mission of the Logistics Committee is to determine the work to be carried out, to set up the groups, to monitor their progress, to disseminate the results and to ensure their application.

3 • Objectives
  • Meet the needs of our members in terms of standards and recommendations, within the desired timeframe and in accordance with their expectations.
  • Support members in the implementation of the methods and tools developed.
  • Liaise with other national member organisations of Odette for logistical issues.
4 • Participants

The optimal composition of the Logistics Committee is:

  • 2 representatives per manufacturer, PSA Groupe and Renault, if possible, from the Logistics and Purchasing Departments
  • 8 OEM parts representatives
  • the GALIA project managers concerned
5 • Frequency of meetings

4 meetings per year.

6 • ODETTE relationship

The work carried out within GALIA is systematically exchanged with our partners within the framework of the ODETTE community.

The e-community space gives you access to:

  • Minutes
  • Presentations
  • Work documents
  • Coordonnées des participants du Comité
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