Groupement pour l’Amélioration des Liaisons dans l’Industrie Automobile


The Automotive Supply Chain is characterised by high cost requirements, a large volume of part references for which the supply must be synchronized, high production rates, a network of numerous supplier sites on different tiers, a global supply chain.

The performance of the automotive industry is based on the implementation of standards that ensure the link between customers and suppliers:

  • Operating modes: communication of forecasts, capacity management, packaging management, etc.
  • Standardized means: reusable or lost packaging, identification labels, etc.
  • Information: communication methods, logistics repositories, logistics protocols, etc.
  • Continuous improvement: evaluation tools, key performance indicators …

Manufacturers and equipment suppliers implement improvement projects in the areas of supply, logistics, transport, production and distribution, which require everyone to master best practices in the automotive industry.

In the Logistics area, GALIA’s mission is carried out under the aegis of the Logistics Committee. Priority work is developed thanks to a network of experts and in collaboration with our international partners. Best practices in logistics processes can also lead to work on associated B2B tools.

Acces to the Committee Logistics Domain

Paper Image of the AVIEXP V5 Despatch Advice


This standard describes in detail the “Bordereau de Livraison” (BL) of the AVIEXP V5.2 Despatch Advice message.


Foldable plastic boxes


This recommendation defines manufacturing specifications and testing procedure for the range of foldable plastic boxes with 3 modular boxes: 4325, 6423 et 6433.


Transport Management Process in the Automotive industry (French version)


This document describes the transport management process in the context of the automotive industry. It describes the main functions involved, the exchanges between these different functions, the information systems used and the role of the actors involved.


Foldable plastic boxes (French version)


This recommendation defines manufacturing specifications and testing procedure for the range of foldable plastic boxes with 3 modular boxes: 4325, 6423 et 6433.


Small metal sheet container (French version)


This standard describes the manufacturing and testing specifications for a small metal sheet container for the transport and handling of automotive parts.


Packaging Management (French version)


This standard presents the principles of management of reusable packaging, between car manufacturers and suppliers of all levels.


Packaging Management audit Repository (French Version)


This packaging audit repository only concerns the POOL management of packaging.


Global Transport Label - European Profile


This standard describes the specifications of the Global Transport Label (GTL) models that were developed between Odette, AIAG and JAMA-JAPIA, with the participation of GALIA.


Management of Returnable packaging (French version)


This document defines the process and principles for the packaging management to be implemented, and the functional specifications of a B2B application for returnable packaging management.


Logistics Agreement (French version)


This recommendation proposes a framework for logistics operations between partners, intended to clarify relational rules, to avoid errors of interpretation and conflicts, to specify expectations, responsibilities and commitments


Circular Economy – Impacts on Automotive packaging

Environmental issues are upon us. In this context, GALIA is launching a new working group “Circular economy – Impacts on automotive packaging” in order to constitute a repository of good […]

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Global MMOG/LE – Future Version 6

Since its introduction in 2004, Global MMOG/LE has become the industry standard for assessing the SCM capability of OEM plants and thousands of Tier1 and Tier2 suppliers against what is […]

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Study : Directory contacts of suppliers industry

This study focuses on reliable means of communication, over time, in order to be able to contact key people in equipment manufacturers’ factories within the framework of customer projects / […]

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Project Training & Skills

The Training & Skills project will approach the following points : What is the target for the training sessions ? What kind of training session programs could we give ? […]

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Basic Training Engineering for Automotive Supply Chain

Business requirement :– To guarantee continuity in terms of skills (retirements, changes in duties or positions…)– To imperfect knowledge of GALIA/Odette standards– To raise new comers’ awareness of the processes […]

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Collaborative Forecasting

The scope of this pre-study should be Medium and Long term forecasts (to be defined precisely within the work group) as opposed to the Short term demand phase used for […]

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PPE & PPEA Packaging

The PPE & PPEA Packaging Group (Expanded and Alveolar Polypropylene) is composed of automotive manufacturers, suppliers and packaging manufacturers. The group will focus on some rules such as the following […]

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Plastic Pallet

The Plastic Pallet Group is composed of automotive manufacturers, suppliers and packaging manufacturers. The objective is not to specify a new GALIA pallet standard, but to identify essential characteristics for […]

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Automotive Transport Users

The costs involved in the transport for our industry are considerable. Some of these costs depend on the efficiency of the interface between the industry and the transport world.In addition, […]

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Evolution of GALIA’s Plastic Boxes

The plastic packaging standards are described in two recommendations: EMB9 (Rigid boxes) and EMB10 (Foldable boxes). These packaging were designed almost 30 years ago and have been widely tested in […]

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Recent work carried out in companies has revived the interest in using RFID technology, in particular within the framework of innovation projects related to the factory of the future, the […]

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The Packaging Users Group, made up of representatives of automobile manufacturers and suppliers, has for mission: to update the current recommendations: EMB1, EMB9, EMB10, EMB11, EMB12; to develop new recommendations […]

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Audit and logistics self assessment with Global MMOG/LE V5

  • Get a good understanding of the logistics self-assessment document in V4 and V4 "light" alias BASIC.
  • Have a good understanding of all criteria and requirements included in the assessment tool.
  • Be able to get the support from your top management.
  • Get prepared to be audited by a customer.
  • Get prepared to run or to participate to a logistics self-assessment, using Global MMOG/LE V4.
  • Get prepared to version 5 and the web application.

3 J (18 heures)

Online training

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